Empowering women in their self-devotion through the ritualistic use of skin care, scent and sound.

Meet Maxine

I See You


Big-hearted and busy being on-the-go, you're an amazing woman who knows how to care for others and get shiz done.

Breakfasts ready. Lunches packed. School run done. Meeting held and report deadlines met.  Washing on as dinner's cooking. Day-in day-out.

But now you're burned out and exhausted. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


You've realised...less is more.

Less doing all the things all the time, more being. Less stuff to clean and tidy, more conversation and day trips. Less man-made in your body, kitchen and bathrooms, more of-the-Earth.

You actually want to live the deeper and simpler life rather than just talk about it.


Because playing catch-ups with your sanity and ignoring what you really want just won't cut it anymore.

The one thing that will is self-devotion in action.

So you can actually slow down and live true to you


Having been there myself, I truly understand and am imperfectly living a more devoted and aligned path than before. 

I'm Maxine - Holistic Skin Therapist and Ritualist.

My own challenges with trauma, chronic depression and PMDD have amplified my passion for the simple things in life tenfold. Being so intimate with these emotional landscapes has taught me what true self-care, beauty and wellness in everyday life is. 

When I found myself in another breakdown in early 2017, finally listening to the voice inside begging me to stop was the turning point.

I was done with all the stress being the groundhog-day story of my life and decided:

I had to change. 


Through the messy times, I've experienced the power of connecting within and simple pleasures.

Sometimes sipping a cup of chai tea while I watch the sun set is all the joy I need. Focusing on these few moments right here during my morning and evening skin rituals brings me immense peace. Sharing a laugh with my nearest and dearest absolutely warms my heart. 

I believe how we treat ourselves flows on to how we live our life. 

I believe our home is our haven - a sanctuary for peace, vitality and joy that helps us thrive

I believe our experience of life depends on what we soak in and savour. 


So go ahead: soak it all in and live it all out now - I'm walking right beside you.