Soul to Skin
Empowering women in their self-devotion through the ritualistic use of skin care, scent and sound.

Skin Care

Make Peace With Your Skin


So the next time you look in the mirror, you smile.

Wear less makeup because you really are comfortable in your own skin.


My life-long passion for skin care, ingredients and certifications and 11 years in skin therapy has shown me:

Pure and active skin care is the way to true radiance inside and out.


With the certified organic goodness of Organic Spa, you've got guaranteed purity and 100% active* ingredients for real results. Know that it's good for you and the earth, Australian-made in-house and meets the ACO (Australian Certified Organic)  or OFC (Organic Food Chain) Certified Organic standard.


Let your fresh skin radiate every day of the week. 


*(Glowing Tip: an active ingredient isn't outside going for a run or the keen one at the front of every yoga class! It's 'active' because it's working to benefit your skin so has a purpose for being included in the product. In comparison, mainstream over-the-counter or shelf ranges contain 10% or less active ingredients.

Why Organic Spa?

Offering spa quality unisex skin care and noticeable results without compromise, it's your certified organic go-to with active* ingredients that work. Being a true pioneer in the holistic skin care space, its two core beliefs: truth within labelling and luxury through nature mean all the ingredients are on the labels and there's a luxurious product in your hands.



What Being Certified Organic Means

Every aspect - including the in-house small batch manufacturing to the end-product packaging - has been considered in an earth-friendly fashion. Being certified organic also requires rigorous testing standards and inspection criteria are met for individual ingredients, complete product blends, physical premises and ingredient sources.   

  • Biodegradable tubes
  • 100% recyclable bottles
  • Recycled paper + bags
  • Solar-powered facility ensuring products are manufactured by the sun
  • Encouraging more organic farming practices
  • Supporting local farms + suppliers where possible
  • Member + award winner of NSW Sustainability Program
  • Excess cardboard + packaging offered to community services
  • Sustainability + environmental practices
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How To Purchase

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