Skin Care

“Look no further for a wonderful skin therapist - she’s right here. And her (recommended) range of skin care and home spa rituals are wonderful too!!

A few years ago I was referred to Maxine for a skin consultation and have such gratitude for the connection. Maxine was so pleasant and informative, not only about my personal skin condition but also of her product range and how they could help me. I felt very relaxed throughout the consult and totally confident that Maxine knew her stuff.

Not only is Maxine a beautiful soul, she is an admirable, experienced skin therapist who takes the time to listen and understand your areas of concern before treating you with the best consultation, skin range options and home spa rituals available.

Maxine has a genuine passion for wellbeing and like me, I know you will absolutely adore her and her entire range of care products. Such a pleasure to be connected - thank you Maxine and Soul to Skin Wellness.”


“As someone who finds the world of skincare overwhelming, attending Maxine’s workshop was a fantastic way to cut through the confusion. Maxine created such a beautiful space and is a person that genuinely cares about you and your skin care needs.” SABRINA DAVIS

“Babies bums are pretty soft. After using the Vata Pure Polish, I can honestly say that my face rivals that softness.”


“I wanted to let you know Maxine how much I’m loving the range! My skin feels so nourished and glowy! I also love the little ritual of using it, makes you slow down and actually focus on yourself and your skin. Hardly wearing any makeup these days, feels so good.” TRACY SHAW-JOHNSTON

“Maxine is an expert on all things skin care. Since using the products she recommended, my skin is glowing, gorgeous and fresh every day. I rarely wear makeup because I don’t need to. On top of that, I know my skin is being taken care of with only the highest grade ingredients available. If your skin is looking sad, get onto a Skin Consultation with Maxine. Your skin will thank you for it." ELIZABETH McKENZIE



Business Support


“Maxine has been incredible with her services. We had her create the website for our new business from scratch. From the start of brand building to absolute completion of the website going live, she went above and beyond to make it a reality! And we are so incredibly stoked with the outcome. Along with this, I also had training sessions with Maxine that included many different aspects of the ‘behind the scenes’ of business. These were also very detailed and so simply explained. I couldn’t recommend Maxine highly enough for business support.”


“I recently utilised Maxine’s Business Support service to ‘biz sit’ while I was away on holiday. This allowed me to be offline, whilst Maxine so ably manned the business on my behalf. This offered me huge peace of mind, particularly knowing that Maxine is so sharp with detail and often considers things way before you need to tell her. She is the ultimate jack of all trades, and I knew my clients would be in good hands, as Maxine has exceptional customer service skills. It was a no-brainer to put my trust in Maxine to look after my business. I will be utilising her services again whenever necessary, and I love knowing she is there for when I need her. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”