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It’s my absolute pleasure to share Aika with you.

A world-first skin care blending top organic certification, 100% active ingredients and Ayurvedic wisdom.

For the ultimate in purity, results and wellness benefiting our skin, body and spirit.

“I draw inspiration from the fundamental Ayurvedic concept of Dinacharya, our daily rituals for whole wellness, based on the rhythms of how our bodies align with nature. Each ingredient and product is then developed in line with the notion of Rasayana – the pathway and essence of what rejuvenates us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way, beyond just skin.”

Eranthi, Aika Founder & Creator

Aika’s exquisite products are:

  • Australian-made & owned, handcrafted in small batches in-house.

  • Certified organic to the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) top-tier standard.

  • Intentionally created based on Ayurveda & Aromatherapy.

  • Accompanied by built-in wellness spa rituals inspired by Ayurveda.

  • Backed by 15 years research & extensive testing in high-end day spas with client & therapist feedback.

  • Draw on the Founder’s Ayurvedic heritage and expertise in Australian spas & psychology.

Intended to create and maintain optimal skin, physical and emotional health, Aika’s four ranges have been mindfully created to Purify, Restore and Rejuvenate intuitively adapting to your unique daily needs and seasonal changes.


Product of the Season

Kapha Deep Cleanser

A restful aromatic purifying ritual awaits you with this purifying and balancing Ayurvedic-inspired evening cleanser. Designed to transform evening cleansing, it clears your mind and skin while supporting your heart to expand into deeper self acceptance. Balancing combination to oily skin, the Kapha Deep Cleanser is both a personal and client favourite thanks to its ability to detoxify, alleviate congestion and refine the complexion without the harsh/stripped ‘after-feel’.

Softening skin with 100% alive and pure certified organic nutrients, this silken clay cleansing treatment features vitamin-rich plant oils of Hemp, Jojoba and Castor with herbal infusions of detoxifying Dandelion, Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Eucalyptus for increased clarity.

Argiletz Green Clay draws out toxins and clears pores while aromatic plant essences of Lime, Geranium and Juniper refresh your world-weary soul with herbal energetic healing. On days of stress or strain, expand your ritual and use as a mask cherishing the peaceful balance it brings.


Watch the full Aika Retreat Ritual below.



  • Massage it onto your skin before you step into the shower. The warm water and steam will help infuse the oils into your skin for a deeper cleanse with a softening effect.

  • Switch to this cleanser when your skin’s congested, has cystic acne, is more oily/blemished than usual or you’re feeling lethargic, flat or weighed down.  Ideal for use during cold and wet weather and Kapha Season from mid-Winter to late Spring.

  • For the ultimate deep cleansing and uplifting home facial treat, see the steps under the Tips section of the full Kapha Deep Cleanser product details here.

Current Season - Kapha

(Southern Hemisphere)

Made of the elements of Water and Earth, Kapha season runs from mid-Winter to mid/late Spring. We may feel the urge to clear, let go and release physically, emotionally and mentally as we experience brighter days that call us to shift and refresh.

Being energising, detoxifying, uplifting and invigorating, Aika’s Kapha Dosha range is ideal for:

  • oily, congested, blemish-prone or combination-oily skin;

  • Kapha season or humid, damp and cold climates/weather;

  • times of lethargy, low motivation/mood and heaviness.

AIKA_Collection_Kapha (3).jpg

Kapha Range

Energising, detoxifying, uplifting and enlivening.


“I wanted to let you know Maxine how much I’m loving the range! My skin feels so nourished and glowy! I also love the little ritual of using it, makes you slow down and actually focus on yourself and your skin. Hardly wearing any makeup these days, feels so good.”

Tracy Shaw-Johnston