Whether you’re enjoying a home facial, at work or in the car, switching off to simply be or clearing out the spare room, these playlists are here to go with you wherever you are.

All playlists are available for free listening via the Spotify platform.

Relax & Chill Out

Tune out & tap in. Soak. Savour. Chill and unwind. Listen while you work, as you potter around the house or during your daily walk. Revitalise with this mix of blissful, calm and expansive tunes.

(Photo Credit: Alex Bertha)


Connect Within

Get quiet and open the doorway to your spirit, your being and truth that's always there. The world, dishes to clean, places to be can all wait - all you need to do is simply be.

(Photo Credit: Peter Oswald)


Clear & Refresh Your Home

Create an intentional space in your home anywhere you please. Make it beautiful or spacious or cosy or minimal or colourful. Whatever works for you + the purpose of your space.

(Photo Credit: Humomo Abrianto)