Empowering women in their self-devotion through the ritualistic use of skin care, scent and sound.

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Experience peace and vitality in everyday life from your soul to your skin.

Skin Consultation

Skin Consultation


Glow your way with 100% active, certified organic skin care and skin rituals to suit you personally.

When you’re: unclear about "making the switch" to clean beauty, not sure what your skin's doing, don't know which skin care’s right for you, tired of using a bathroom cabinet load of products for little to no results, overwhelmed with where to even start; or confused by all the ingredient information out there - allow me to simplify and personalise it all for you.

No two souls are alike so my recommendations are completely tailored to you - your lifestyle and your skin - because you're unique, so your rituals and products should be too. 

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What You Receive

  • A practical revamp of your beauty products so you use what really matters to you and forget the rest.  
  • Your skin frustrations sorted with personal and professional guidance and a step-by-step plan.
  • Option to purchase spa quality, certified organic skin care online.    
  • Increased understanding of beneficial ingredients, the wording and certifications to look for.
  • Sanity-saving rituals for creating your own meaningful moments in everyday life. 
  • Customised eBook featuring your individual recommendations (including products, rituals and action steps).
  • Email support to discuss questions and issues or anything skin-related. 

Have questions? Find the Questions & Answers here or contact me here.