Soul to Skin Wellness
Empowering women in their self-devotion through the ritualistic use of skin care, scent and sound.

Rituals & Wellness

Experience less stress, more ease and time to yourself.

Wellbeing Toolkit

Wellbeing Toolkit


Save your sanity with these 9 must-have resources for wellbeing in everyday life and challenging chapters. Not just a random list but a highly personal and purposeful collection of real support I’ve put together to help you:

Boost your mood during the ‘stuck-in-routine-mode’ times;

Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm; and/or

Enjoy more of the good stuff (like…JOY…and yes it’s possible) more easily.

Personally, every product or person here has helped me go through some heavy stuff, like: divorce, trauma, chronic stress and depression…you get the idea. But this isn’t about me, this is about you. Save your sanity, boost your mood and enjoy more JOY.

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