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A Vision of Empowerment & Self-Devotion

“Inspired by personal life lessons and professional experience, I’m passionate about your wellbeing in everyday life and business. Drawing on the power of simplicity and a love of quality, Soul to Skin’s here to bring you soulful, luxe products and down-to-earth services for real results and therapeutic benefits.”

Maxine - Founder, Skin Therapist & Business Consultant


“Maxine is an expert on all things skin care. Since using the products she recommended, my skin is glowing, gorgeous and fresh every day. I rarely wear makeup because I don’t need to. On top of that, I know my skin is being taken care of with only the highest grade ingredients available. If your skin is looking sad, get onto a Skin Consultation with Maxine. Your skin will thank you for it."



“Babies bums are pretty soft. After using the Vata Pure Polish, I can honestly say that my face rivals that softness.”



“I wanted to let you know Maxine how much I’m loving the range! My skin feels so nourished and glowy! I also love the little ritual of using it, makes you slow down and actually focus on yourself and your skin. Hardly wearing any makeup these days, feels so good.”



Working with Maxine is such a delight. She has the most warm and kind soul that she expresses in all she does. There’s never a problem I have that she can’t navigate, I feel completely at ease with her working on my business project. I highly recommend reaching out to her - you won’t regret it!


Current Season - Pitta

Made of the elements of Fire and Water, Pitta season runs from late Spring through Summer to early Autumn. Being cooling, soothing, comforting and calming, Aika’s Pitta Dosha range is ideal for:

  • combination-sensitive, irritated, sunburned/damaged or reactive skin;

  • Pitta season or warm to hot climates/weather;

  • times of stress, irritability, upheaval and emotional intensity.


Pitta Dosha Range

Cooling, soothing, comforting and calming.