Whether it’s about ingredients in the products we use; uncovering our fear of slowing down; or facing our deep longing for a simpler life.

Like you’ve realised, it takes a brave heart and self-devotion in action to transform our knowing into a new way of being.

A way where our truth takes centre stage and letting go makes way for more.

Less doing what we think we should, more being true to ourselves. Less distraction, more meaningful chats and adventures. Less man-made in our bodies and homes, more of-the-Earth.

Having been there and continuing on a path of un/becoming, I understand. I’m Maxine - Skin Therapist & Virtual Assistant.

I AM an initiator, ritualist, visionary, ingredient maven and soulful creator - called to share the power of all that’s simple, soulful and sensory.

For me, the scents and textures of cleansers, masks and elixirs have consistently helped to create an inner sanctuary where I can simply ‘be’. This love affair began as a teenager innocently learning skin health basics with a passion for purity awakened through extensive research during beauty therapy studies.

Yet the challenging effects of trauma and mental health issues are what amplified my passion for therapeutic sensory experiences and self-honouring tenfold. Being so intimate with these emotional landscapes taught me the power of down-to-earth care, simple pleasures and true peace within.

Sometimes walking in nature watching the sun set is all the joy I need. Focusing on these few moments right here during my morning and evening skin rituals brings me immense bliss. Laughing loudly with my nearest and dearest is one of my favourite soul-nourishing things. 


You see, I believe how we treat ourselves flows on to how we live our life. I believe our home’s meant to be our haven - a sanctuary for peace and vitality that helps us thrive

I believe our experience of life's enhanced by what we soak in and savour. So go ahead: soak it all in and live it all out now - I'm walking right beside you.



  • Anatomy & Skin Conditions (Updated Training) - current

  • Student of Ayurveda

  • Certificate IV Beauty Therapy - Skin Therapist

  • Certificate Wellness Coaching

  • Certificate NSW Residential Property Management

  • Certificate IV Business Administration & Financial Skills


  • Skin Therapist 11 years

  • Skin Care Product Knowledge & Ingredient Education 12 years - including professional training in 5 brands.

  • Business Management & Operations 16 years

  • People Skills 20 years - training/education, relationship-building and high-level personal customer service.

Have questions? Feel free to get in touch with me here.