Soul to Skin
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Savour Simple Pleasures. Enjoy Meaningful Moments.


Offering a fresh perspective in holistic skin care & lifestyle for you to renew devotion to self and skin.

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Hello, I’m Maxine. Skin Therapist & Consultant

Inspired by personal life lessons and professional experience, I’m passionate about how you feel on the inside in everyday life. Realising the power of connecting within and soaking in ‘ordinary moments’ led to both becoming the natural foundation of all you’ll find here.

By providing spa skin care and small business support, I aim to encourage sensory skin experiences and a lifestyle that honours you.


“Not only is Maxine a beautiful soul, she is an admirable, experienced skin therapist who takes the time to listen and understand your areas of concern before treating you with the best consultation, skin range options and home spa rituals available.”

Maree Roache


For Holistic Practitioners & Creatives