Soul to Skin
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Soulful Life. Bare Skin. Nourished Within.

These are the moments to come home to yourself.

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A Vision of Empowerment & Self-Devotion

“Inspired by personal life lessons and professional experience, I’m passionate about your wellbeing in everyday life. Drawing on a holistic perspective and a love of luxury, Soul to Skin’s been created to bring you soulful products and practices for real results, therapeutic benefits and the power of simple pleasures.”

Maxine, Founder & Skin Therapist


“Maxine is an expert on all things skin care. Since using the products she recommended, my skin is glowing, gorgeous and fresh every day.

I rarely wear makeup because I don’t need to. On top of that, I know my skin is being taken care of with only the highest grade ingredients available. If your skin is looking sad, get onto a Skin Consultation with Maxine. Your skin will thank you for it."



“Babies bums are pretty soft. After using the Vata Pure Polish, I can honestly say that my face rivals that softness.”



“I wanted to let you know Maxine how much I’m loving the range! My skin feels so nourished and glowy! I also love the little ritual of using it, makes you slow down and actually focus on yourself and your skin. Hardly wearing any makeup these days, feels so good.”